The Advantages of Compact Cars

The increasing popularity of luxury sedans and SUVs can sometimes overshadow the advantages of compact cars. The size is not suitable for a large family, but it is perfect for single people, city driving, couples, and young families with small children. Easy parking on the street, high fuel efficiency, and a hatchback for storage are just a few examples.


A huge advantage is the initial cost of the car. The pricing makes it ideal for a first-time car buyer or as a second car in the family. Those who need to finance will have lower payments than if they purchased a larger vehicle. College students, entry level workers, and new graduates gravitate to compact cars for this reason.

Insurance premiums are also lower. The safety features in the car will also contribute to affordable rates. New models, such as the newly improved Fiat 500 series, have more safety features that are standard and more that can be added. Seven airbags, a steel reinforced safety frame, and electronic stability control are examples of standard features.

High fuel efficiency keeps operating costs low, regardless of fluctuating gas prices. The two-cylinder TwinAir optional engine will provide the highest mileage of the fuel models with an estimated seventy-one miles per gallon on some models.

The electric model, 500e, gets 121 miles highway and 103 miles in the city from a single charge. The battery decreases the space available in the hatchback but increases savings.

Fun to Drive

Compact cars are easy to maneuver, fun to drive, and functional. Fifteen different color options, a two-tone package, and sporty models make smaller cars eye-catching. The desirability of these cars in the city means they have a high resale value. If something bigger is needed in a few years, it will be easy to sell a compact car or receive a high trade-in amount.

The interior includes satellite navigation and a Uconnect touch screen information system. Front seats have plenty of leg and head room for adults. The back seats may be difficult for tall adults to get into and out of so keep that in mind when offering to drive.

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