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Make an Old Fence Look Good Again Clean an old, damaged fence and make it look new. All it takes are a few simple repairs. A power washer and a good coat of oil stain is all that’s needed to refinish your fence. Learning to Use a Power Washer You cannot underestimate what a power washer can do. They will blow away everything sticking to your fence. It will remove all kinds of dirt. But it can also damage the wood. The use of the proper sprayer tip and spraying technique is highly recommended.
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When working on smooth wood surface, you will observe that the power washer’s spray will bring up the wood’s grain. This can result in a better finish because it allows more sealer to be soak in the wood.
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No other way of cleaning an old fence can compare with what a power washer can do. A wide angle tip is recommended for cleaning old fences. Never spray without having first tested the pressure. A power sprayer is a fairly easy equipment to use. Tie all loose plants or vegetation growing alongside the fence. Since you can’t avoid getting wet in the process, wear the right kind of clothes. Spray the power washer evenly across the surface of the fence boards. You will see clear changes in the color of the wood as you clean it. You only need to clean the wood a little with the use of a power sprayer. Repair Jobs Fix damaged planks and hammer protruding nails back in place. Broken or split planks can be repaired using waterproof wood glue. Bind separated joints with corrosion-free bolts and nuts instead of common wire nails for better fitting together. If your gate has been misaligned, use a turnbuckle support to bring it back to position. Wood preservatives lengthen the life of your fence by protecting it from rotting. The bottom that touches the ground is the first area of the fence that rots. A clear exterior wood stain helps bring out the natural appearance of the wood. The pigments in your wood stain can add to the overall beauty of the wood finish. Painting Tip: Roll and Brush The fence must be completely dry before you attempt to apply the sealer. If it’s warm and sunny, a couple of days might be all that’s needed to dry up the wood. Some kinds of wood take on deeper shades of color over time. You can use toned sealers if you do not want to add color to your fence. A paint roller will do a good job of soaking the wood with sealer. Let the sealer be absorbed by the wood as much as it can. Roll a 3-ft area at a time then use a brush to finish sealing. Make sure all areas including the corners are completely sealed. Clear lap marks by keeping edges wet. Need Help? Hire someone else to do the job if you think you are not capable to do it yourself. Depending on the extent of the work needed to be done, appropriate fees are charged.

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